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 EXP Rates

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EXP Rates           Empty
PostSubject: EXP Rates    EXP Rates           EmptySun May 29, 2011 6:31 pm

Name Location Drops
~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~
Angry Vine New Swamp Vine Tentacle Aggressive with 168 experience

Ant Soldier Near Octopus Cave Ant Legs Passive with 55 experience

Ant Worker Near Octopus Cave Ant Legs Passive with 38 experience

Anundo Leader Anundo Gold, Last Samurai, Sai Passive with 270 experience

Apozen Apozen's Lair Gold, Fladdat Staff, Hero Plate, Knob Staff Behavior with 750 experience

Azuorph Near Centaur Village None Passive with 90 experience

Baby Turtle Beach None Passive with 18 experience

Bale New Swamp (bottom floor) None Passive with 118 experience

Banshi Biters/Haunted House Helmet of Darkness,Kontra,Steel Boots Aggressive with 120 experience

Okay,there is all of the A's and a good portion of the B's. If I went through the whole alphabet it'd take 6-7 hours, so, here I'll just give you the site: http://endlessonline.wikia.com/wiki/Experience

All of that took me at least an hour to do.

Edit: Uhm.. it doesn't look anything like the way I typed it :/
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EXP Rates
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