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 Getting Bored =\

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Getting Bored =\ Empty
PostSubject: Getting Bored =   Getting Bored =\ EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 1:47 am

So I'm sitting here playing my guitar, waiting for this girl to text me back, might smoke a cigarette..

I've ended my drug dealing career xD I've been focusing a lot on my music career, played my first show at a retirement home we rented out.

Paid: $150 for 10PM - 12:30AM (We showed up a half hour earlier to setup, and I smoked a lot before I played xD)
Made: $1205 ($1355 total), wasn't too bad, charged $20 a head, there was 10 cases of beer there, and a few bottles of Jack Daniels, all stolen by my good friend. Everyone in the building was drunk when they had left, and we had a nice fun mess to clean up full of blood, puke, and sweat. Nonetheless, a successful show! Hell, I wouldn't mind making this kind of money once a week! But I'm looking for fame.. maybe one day we'll make it there.

Truly, I believe this band will fail, because our drummer sucks cock at drums, and our singers kinda shitty, I ended up doing half of his work(screams only xD) the show.. :\ what failures.

Edit: the reason we charged $20 a head, was because you're given 2 free beers[they then cost $3 a bottle], and shots of JD for $5 a shot, which we ended up leaving with one bottle left(I'm drinking that tomorrow xD)
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Getting Bored =\ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Getting Bored =\   Getting Bored =\ EmptySat Jun 04, 2011 3:15 pm

Yea, i'm Gettig bored aswell.... I need eo xD
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Getting Bored =\
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